On the Rise: Clipping Coupons Via Text Messages, E-mails

By: Jennifer Saba More bargain hunters are turning toward text messaging and e-mail to obtain coupons, according to new data from Scarborough Research.

While Sunday newspapers still rule as the place that households look for coupons, text messing and e-mail is growing. Scarborough found that 8% of households acquire coupons through texting/e-mail -- more than the Internet, at 7%.

"I am not surprised to see that households are taking advantage of this new couponing medium," Gary Meo, senior vice president of digital media and print services at Scarborough, said in a statement. "Coupons received via text messaging are typically sent only to consumers who have opted-in to receive them. This increases the relevancy of the offer and the potential for the consumer to act on that offer."

Also no surprise is that consumers who get coupons from texting/e-mail are younger, more affluent, and female.

The top local markets for text messaging/e-mail coupons are the following: Providence, R.I.; Washington D.C.; Atlanta; San Diego; Austin; and Chicago.

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