Online Parlors, NY Paper Offer Betting Odds on Tony Soprano's Finish

By: E&P Staff Sunday will never be the same, as the song had it, but with "The Sopranos" exit coming this weekend, newspapers around the land have been having fun guessing at how it will all end.

Now online betting parlors are also taking money on it. They include and

Odds have been steadily in the direction of Tony surviving. As this is written, the odds on Bodog are 1 to 3 that he lives and 2 to 1 that he dies (naturally or via a whacking). You can't wager more than $50 at Bodog -- this is to prevent those with inside word to make a bundle on it, though to do so would certainly be in the character of the show.

Want to bet on whether Silvio survives? Bodog will be tough graders: "Silvio must verifiably wake up before the end of the June 10th episode for 'yes' to have action. Eyes must be open or words must be spoken by Sil for 'yes' to be graded the winner."

The New York Sun today broke it down into betting odds. Matthew Oshinsky laid these odds.

Tony turns FBI snitch: 2-1

Tony killed by Carmela: 5-1
By Phil Leotardo: 10-1
By Sister Janice: 20-1

A.J. kills father: 20-1
A.J. kills Phil: 8-1
A.J. offs himself: 6-1

Meadow takes ove the crime family: 17-1

The Russian from the Pines Barren returns: 200-1


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