'Opus' Strip's 'Two Moms' Theme Irks Conservative Blogger

By: E&P Staff This past Sunday's "Opus" comic about a kid with two mothers drew an angry response today from conservative blogger Jennifer Roback Morse.

Berkeley Breathed's June 10 comic showed Opus the pengin and two other characters discussing the kid with lesbian parents. "Makes you wonder how he'll do without a male role model in the house," says one character. At that point, an unshaven, cursing, probably drunk Steve Dallas is shown throwing a TV out the window after getting mad watching a baseball game.

In her blog post, Morse wrote that the Washington Post Writers Group-syndicated strip was a "truly revolting" example of "unapologetic male-bashing" and "a sickening foretaste of what awaits us as same-sex parenting becomes normalized." She said the comic implies that kids "are better off without fathers, since fathers are drunken, violent slobs."

Morse, whose post was mentioned today on the DailyCartoonist blog, urged people to write letters to the editor urging that "Opus" be dropped.

But comments posted underneath Morse's blog entry showed that at least some people disagreed with her words. One wrote: "It seems typical of conservatives to demand the silencing of any point of view with which they disagree."

Another wrote: "Did 'Opus' represent a heterosexual father who appeared to be drunken, abusive, and stupid? We have all known such. ... Did 'Opus' try to normalize homosexual parenting? I hope so, because some counterbalance is needed to attitudes of bigotry and hatred which must be terribly painful for homosexuals and their families."


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