'Oregonian' Seeks 32 Buyouts

By: Joe Strupp The Oregonian in Portland is offering an early retirement buyout to 32 employees, which would include a year?s salary and health benefits through retirement age, the paper reported Thursday.

"I wish I did not think this action were necessary, but it is needed to keep the company payroll in line with revenue,? Publisher Fred A. Stickel told newsroom employees, according to the paper, which added that ?the retirement offer is voluntary and is available to 32 full-time employees with at least 20 years with the company. Several in the group have worked for The Oregonian more than 40 years. The offer includes a year's salary, company-paid health insurance until age 65 for the employee and spouse and additional benefits.?

"These employees have contributed to the company's success and vital role in the community over the last four decades, for which we are immensely grateful," Stickel said.

The paper reported that Oregonian policy ?guarantees that regular full-time employees will not be subject to layoffs. Any staff reductions take place through normal attrition or an early retirement offer.? The Oregonian last offered early retirement in October 2005, which resulted in 12 newsroom and nine pressroom employees leaving. The newsroom currently has a staff of 405 full- and part-time employees.


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