Other Metrics, Besides Nielsen, Show Recent Declines in NYTimes.com Uniques

By: Jennifer Saba An unsettling trend may be occurring at NYTimes.com -- monthly uniques have been going down year-over-year for the past several months. The decline initially registered back in April, a first at least since E&P began tracking monthly Web stats for the top 30 newspapers since November 2007 on a year-over-year basis.

The top 30 list is provided by Nielsen Online (E&P is owned by the same parent company). However, to provide more context, E&P decided to pull data from others including comScore and Quantcast to see if the trend line also ran south there. It did.

The New York Times is disputing the numbers, a spokesperson for the company said, citing that it is inconsistent with internal data. Indeed, there are many reasons for swings in data, including news events.

Go here to Fitz & Jen for the data.


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