PAULINE'S PICK: How 'Financial Times' Brings Business News to the Web

By: Pauline Millard There's been a lot of attention paid to The Wall Street Journal lately, due to its possible acquisition by News Corp. Critics worry that the sale could ultimately hurt the editorial product, but anyone in the world of finance knows the Journal has never been the only voice of financial authority.

Today we're going to look across the pond at The Financial Times. The British paper, still delivered on pink newsprint, also has a great Web site. Its content, which is heavy on business and international news, is mostly free to nonsubscribers, but has a few areas of paid content.

One cool feature on the FT Web site is the UK Daily View. During these short videos, assorted FT correspondents talk about developments in their particular sectors. The reports are heavy in business jargon, but for anyone in finance they're intriguing capsules of the day's news.

In addition to the Daily View, the FT also offers video interviews with corporate leaders in addition to podcasts and interactive graphics.

Papers of any size could take a lesson from the FT. When it comes to business news, details and numbers can get muddled, particularly for someone not well versed in the field. A video can be a quicker and livelier way to explain trends. Having reporters talk about their beats is a great way to showcase their expertise, and it also puts a face to a byline. That can make a lasting connection with a reader.

Has the Web changed how your paper handles business news? Let me know.

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