PAULINE'S PICKS: Focuses on the Local Baton Rouge Music Scene

By: Pauline Millard Entertainment journalism is one of those cool, elusive jobs everyone seems to want, but the chosen are few. As the newspaper industry shrinks, there are even fewer spots to fill, especially when wire copy and blogs are available to fill the void for coverage of national stories and big celebrities.

Even though newspapers might be cutting staff, that doesn't mean local music scenes are shrinking. In fact, sometimes it's only a local paper that has the insider knowlege to cover them. Of course, music has that sound element that can be hard to transfer to the page, which is all the more reason why the Web is perfect place for music journalism.

Today I found a great Web site in Baton Rouge, La. called, a site that's jointly produced between the Baton Rouge paper, The Advocate and the ABC affiliate, WBRZ News 2 Louisiana.

The site has a great weekly show called The Scene in which the host, Samantha Morgan, talks about the Baton Rouge music scene and what to expect in the coming week. She's a gal who knows her stuff, especially when it comes to indie rock and metal, two areas that don't get a lot of mainstream attention. In addition to her picks for the week, she has a spot interview of the week where she sits down with an artist and gets to know them better.

The Scene is a quick video, maybe about five minutes or so, but to anyone interested in music, it's full of insight.

How does your paper handle entertainment news on the web? I'd love to see the exmaples.

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