PAULINE'S PICKS: Cape Cast Keeps Cape Codders Informed

By: Pauline Millard It's summer, and if you have any sense you're not sitting behind a computer in an office. But even when we're spending our days at the beach, we have to know what's going on beyond the sand dunes, at least a little.

Up at the Cape Cod Times, they're trying to keep their news light, but local. They have a daily Web cast called the Cape Cast which is hosted by a jovial guy named Eric Williams.

Monday through Friday he puts together a five-minute show about what's going on around the Cape. For a relatively small area, he finds plenty to talk about, covering everything from the local wildlife to rec league baseball games. He includes national news as well, perhaps in an effort to keep vacationers in the loop. Sure, some of the jokes and gags Williams puts in between the news items are a little corny, (one involved in a toupee) but overall he finds the stories the locals would care about, and gives them proper air time.

Does your paper do anything different in the summertime? I'd love to hear about it.

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