PAULINE'S PICKS: Introducing New Feature on Web Innovation

By: Pauline Millard E&P introduces a new (perhaps daily) feature today, spotlighting news sites that are trying something fresh and interesting, often with the use of video, audio, and various forms of networking/interactivity.

My first pick for great use of the web comes from The Miami Herald. As newspapers struggle to find ways to draw and keep readers on their web sites, The Herald created innovative ways to use both their content as well as other outlets'.

The Herald has a slick, well-produced daily video feature called What The Five! which highlights five entertainment and lifestyle stories with both national and local spins.

The video is hosted by two young and attractive hosts named J.R. and Tony who talk about each story in the package. The stories are linked to the left of the screen. Some link to Herald print stories, others are original videos and some are from other papers, such as The New York Times or The Miami News Times.

It's an interesting idea to show readers stories from other newspapers or even television channels, such as the a clip from "Deal or No Deal" that features a Miami Heat fan. The links open in a new window, so when the viewer is done with them, they simply close the box and are back on the Miami Herald page.

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