PAULINE'S PICKS: New York Papers Cover Fierce Storm and Tornado

By: Pauline Millard New York City was hit by a nasty storm on Wednesday morning that dumped three inches of rain on the city in just an hour, which strained sewage systems and flooded subways. Morning commutes were snarled for hours.

Not long after the storm passed reports started to surface on the Internet that a tornado had been seen in Brooklyn. Since the outer borough is not typically tornado country, the reports were scoffed off by cynics.

The cynics, though, were wrong. The National Weather Service confirmed that a Category 2 tornado did in fact spin through the Bay Ridge and Sunset Park sections of Brooklyn, the first since modern record keeping began.

Today the Daily News has a great multimedia package about the storm and tornado. They have a gallery of photos of damage, which includes shots of New Yorkers being helped from their homes in kayaks.

There is also a map of the Brooklyn tornado alley, which explains where it hit, complete with a timeline.

The New York Times also had great coverage, including lots of print stories explaining the fall out from the storm. Most impressive were two videos narrated by City Room editor Sewell Chan about the torando in Brooklyn and the transportation problems.

How has your paper cover an unexpected storm? I'd love to see it.

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