PAULINE'S PICKS: Focuses on Local News And Little Else

By: Pauline Millard Yesterday the Washington Post got a lot of attention for launching, a hyperlocal site about a community in northern Virginia. Some papers, though, have been wading in the hyper-local waters for years and have become quite good at it., a Web site about northern Kentucky, is also doing hyper-local well.

Like any good site, they keep the news stories high. Readers can also search according to their county. Updated weather and traffic, the sort of practical information an average person needs, is also at the top of the page.

For readers who want to try their hand at citizen journalism, there
is a link to submit photos and news. I also like how the ads run along the right side of the page. This gives the site a clean look and makes the content easier to navigate.

There's a lot of local flavor, naturally, such as a photo gallery of a circus camp for kids. You can also watch a webcast of the local news or even play a little Soduku. It's robust and local an a good example of how focusing on the region can be the edge that sets a Web site apart.

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