PAULINE'S PICKS: Focuses On Video For Local Coverage

By: Pauline Millard During the three weeks that I've been writing this column, I've been most impressed with the local papers who have embraced video on their Web sites and tailored it for their audience.

I recently came across and the other sites affiliated with the NorthWest News Group of Greater Chicago. They cover the suburban Chicago area and are using as much multimedia as possible.

They've had a daily online newscast in place since March 2006. At first they partnered with the CBS affiliate in Chicago to produce them, but have since brought the production in-house. The result is a piece they call the QuickCast, which hits the site at 4 p.m. each weekday.

They also produce about 10 interactive features a week. Most are embedded in the online stories. All recent work is archived on a single page that makes it easy for readers who are interested in video to find what they are seeking.

I watched some of their videos and liked what I saw. They cover local events such how to eat healthier at the Taste of Chicago Festival and a soldier's return to his hometown in Huntley, Ill. They also use these videos for service journalism. One great piece is a video about what happens during an HIV test at a local clinic.

What are some of the video projects your paper puts out? I'd love to see them. See my email address below.

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