PAULINE'S PICKS: 'NYT' Uses the Web to Explain Midtown Pipe Bursting

By: Pauline Millard The big news in Manhattan today is the pipe that burst near Grand Central Station, creating a massive crater in the street and sending terror scares throughout the city.

The roads around Grand Central were almost immediately roped off, but that wouldn't stop people from craning their necks and wanting to know what went on, and more importantly, what it was like to be there.

As one would expect, The New York Times delivered some great coverage, especially on the Web. They filed a few print stories about what exactly happened and what the scene was like. They also put together videos, with some compelling footage taken not long after the pipe burst. There is a great overhead shot of the hole in the ground that gives some perspective of about how big it is. There are other shots of steam coming out the ground and people talking about being in midtown when it exploded.

The Times also put together a great slideshow of still photos from the scene which include images of commuters covered in mud and abandoned cars and busses.

Getting news on the Web can be a great tool, especially as it is breaking. In an event like the pipe explosion, readers want to see and hear what it was like, which is something that even the best print story can't always achieve. It's times like this that it pays to be familiar with basic multimedia programs to put together slideshows and videos.

How has your paper used the Web to cover breaking news? I'd love to see the results.

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