PAULINE'S PICKS: Photos Find a Perfect Home on 'The Hartford Courant' Web Site

By: Pauline Millard Before pipes started exploding in New York City on Wednesday, there was a terrible thunderstorm in the morning that soaked the tri-state area. Generally speaking New Yorkers don't like rain. It clogs subways, slows traffic and no one ever has an umbrella handy.

Out in the suburbs, though, heavy rains bring other threats, such as flooded roads, fallen trees and property damage. While New Yorkers might complain about their shoes getting wet, few have to worry about a tree limb falling on their station wagon.

Today I stumbled across a photo gallery from the Hartford Courant that has some shots of its community during and after the storm. Branches came down, streets were flooded and kids, naturally, took to playing in the puddles.

The Web is the perfect home for these shots, mostly because without it they probably would not have all run in a newspaper, or certainly not as large. It's a win-win situation for both the newspaper and the photographers who braved the elements to take them. They get to show off their work and The Hartford Courant gets content that readers will linger over.

When has the Web trumped print for photogrpahy at your paper? I'd love to know.

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