PAULINE'S PICKS: Tells Local Stories -- With Audio Slideshows

By: Pauline Millard Newspapers realized long ago that when they put their work on the Web it doesn't mean they have to give up good storytelling. In fact, the push for online news only offers more opportunities to tell stories better. In this age of You Tube, readers are becoming more visually inclined. With that in mind, audio slideshows are a great way to tell a vibrant story if editing video is a problem.

One of the easiest ways to put up a slideshow is with a program called Soundslides. It's an easily downloadable, $40 program that pretty much anyone could use with a little practice.

One site that's blending multimedia with local news well is, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle. They have a wide selection of slideshows that cover everything from children visiting their mother in prison to Friday night bowling in Pacifica. The programs are relatively short, few are more than five minutes. Each piece uses compelling photography and a strong narrative to tell the story.

If you think you're creating notable multimedia, then by all means let me know for this new daily feature, Pauline's Picks. I'd love to hear how your newspaper is embracing all the new techniques. See you tomorrow!

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