Philly Paper Produced by Homeless Hits the Streets

By: Philadelphia's newest paper has hit the streets with vendors who have different names on their identification tags but the same addresses -- two large men's and women's homeless shelters.

Officials say "One Step Away" is the City of Brotherly Love's first newspaper produced by homeless residents. It is one of more than two dozen street newspapers in cities across North America.

The debut 16-page tabloid features articles by residents on homeless issues, essays and poetry, a kid's page and even a horoscope. Vendors, also homeless, will pay 25 cents for each monthly issue, an amount that covers printing costs, and ask for $1 contributions, allowing them to pocket 75 cents per issue.

Officials say shelter residents named the paper "One Step Away" to get across the idea that anyone is one step away from homelessness - and they feel they are one step away from getting back on their feet.


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