Pigs in Space: 'Inky' Touts Circ Gains in Porcine Pull-Out

By: E&P Staff Whatever you think about Brian Tierney, you got to hand to the guy for the special section inside The Philadelphia Inquirer touting the paper's spring circulation gains.

"Pigs Fly!" screams the New York Post-worthy headline. "Papers' local owners bring home the bacon; daily readership soars with high-flying swine."

The banner reads: "Impossible News."

The Inquirer reported that daily circulation increased 0.6% for the latest ABC period, the first time the paper experienced gains in years.

The picture accompanying the story shows the storied Inquirer building surrounded by flying pigs. Philadelphia Weekly reported that the Inky projected pigs on the side of its building last night to promote the special pullout section.

Click here for a PDF version of the pullout.


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