Police still stumped by bombing of editor's home p.

By: Mark Fitzgerald POLICE AND NEWSPAPER officials still have no idea of the identity or motives of someone who exploded a pipe bomb outside the house of Kenneth H. Brief, executive editor of the Greenwich Time and The Advocate of Stamford, Connecticut.
"We just don't have a clue as to the reason. We rack our brains . . . going over the same grounds," said William J. Rowe, publisher and chief executive officer of the two Times Mirror-owned dailies.
Police say the Sunday night June 13 explosion ? which could be felt a quarter-mile away ? was caused by a large pipe bomb left on stone steps in front of Brief's home.
The explosion damaged a car and shattered glass, and shrapnel nearly hit a woman in a house next door, police said.
There were no injuries.
Large numbers of fragments from the pipe bomb have been recovered and are being analyzed by a U.S. Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms lab in Washington, Rowe said.
Nothing at the paper seems to be connected to the bombing, Rowe said.
"We sort of classify this time as business as usual," he said. "We didn't have any big investigations happening. We're surprised we haven't heard from whoever did it. Because he didn't accomplish anything."
Besides the ATF, the Connecticut State Police bomb squad and local law enforcement agencies are investigating.
Brief declined to comment extensively on the bombing, referring questions to Rowe.
"In this case, I'm not a journalist, I'm a victim," Brief said.


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