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By: Editorial Staff U.S. REP. ROY Blunt (R-Mo.) prepared a 12-page tabloid on his voting record and distributed it through the Missouri Press Service to 41 newspapers in his district with a combined circulation of over 220,000. It was the first time a Missouri politician had distributed a voting record inside newspapers, according to Mike Sell, advertising director of the press service. Politicians frequently mail their records, but Sell said it is more economical to distribute them in newspapers.
"We think newspapers are an excellent vehicle for getting the message to constituents because newspapers are welcomed in the home, as opposed to a piece of direct mail," Sell said.
The press service charged Blunt $1,650 to distribute the tabloids to the papers and shared the revenue with the papers. The Aurora Advertiser won the $29,600 printing contract.
Blunt, a freshman congressman from Strafford, told the Missouri Press News he may use newspapers again, depending on the response he gets this time. Meanwhile, the press service is busy seeking additional political business. "We're tickled to death and will go after other representatives in the state," Sell said.

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