Poll: Despite Pundits' Claims, Americans Evenly Divided on 'Defunding' War

By: E&P Staff In considering the showdown between President Bush and Democrats in congress over a war funding bill, pundits have generally observed that the Democrats are in a weak position since Americans allegedly oppose any move to tamper with "money for the troops." But is this really true?

A new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll finds otherwise. In fact, it reveals that slightly more back a "defunding" move than oppose it.

First, it shows that by 48% to 43% this group says the president should sign the funding bill which includes a timetable for withdrawal, rather than veto it, as he has promised to do.

Then asked if congress should stick to its guns if Bush vetoes the bill, and continue to deny funds unless withdrawal is accepted, 45% support this idea, while 43% back the president.

The same survey found that most Americans -- and 1 in 3 Republicans -- want Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to step down.

The poll of over 1,300 was conducted last Thursday to Monday.


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