Preview of Tomorrow's TIME: Unlucky 'Oceans Thirteen,' Lucky Fred Thompson?

By: E&P Staff The next edition of TIME in its cover story outlines "Why Amnesty Makes Sense" -- no, it's not about Scooter Libby but the great immigration debate. But inside we get:

-- A pan of the upcoming 'Ocean's Thirteen': "No matter how slim your hopes, they will probably be deflated by this tired smarmathon.... Soderbergh can infuse no energy into the Vegas caper plot."

-- Insight on Fred Thompson's next moves by Michael Duffy: "His aides are debating whether to compete in a costly straw poll in Iowa in early August. Some believe that a strong Thompson showing could knock McCain out; others say privately that Thompson's late start means he won't do well in Iowa."

-- A list of the most crime-ridden cities based on new FBI stats. The winner (loser) is Michael Moore's hometown, Flint, Mich. Next: St. Louis, Detroit, Memphis, Orlando, Oakland. Least violent: Irvine, Ca.


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