Prosecutor Can't Get Kink Out -- Shooting of Ray Davies Goes Unpunished

By: E&P Staff One recalls the old Kinks classic, "Tired of Waiting for You." Or perhaps "Dead End Street." For prosecutors in New Orleans have dropped all charges against a man accused of shooting Ray Davies, famed songwriter and longtime lead singer of The Kinks, during a holdup in the French Quarter.

Davies, who lives in England but frequently visits New Orleans, failed to appear in court for a second time.

He was shot in the leg on Jan. 4, 2004, while chasing a man who had just taken a friend's pocketbook. It received wide media coverage, then faded from view.

The once-postponed trial was scheduled for yesterday but Davies claims prosecutors only notified him of it two days earlier. They say the trial was set back in May.

The defendant was Jerome Barra, 28. Davies had also failed to make the previous start of the trial two years ago.

The Times-Picayune covered the case prominently today in the context of it being yet another in a long string of dropped prosecutions (for whatever reason) in the city. The article drew dozens of responses in the comments section online.

Police had originally criticized Davies for giving chase, suggesting that you just don't do those things like that in incidents like this.


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