Protec Powers Production of Spain's 'Que!'

By: E&P Staff Publisher Recoletos entered the general newspaper market with its Qu?!, distributing 1 million copies daily in 12 Spanish cities.

Qu?! Uses the Milenium, Ciclon Plan Manager, and Comms solutions to help coordinate the content of different editions and facilitate communication between its Madrid headquarters and other offices. Headquarters receives local information from each city, which is then edited, designed, and sent to 15 printing sites.

Connections between local press centers and headquarters is made possible by 4Mb/300Kb/sec. DSL connections. With the aid of LSO, Protec's protocol for low-speed lines, however, transfer of images and graphics is greatly improved, guarantying cost-effective delivery times, as well as a fast database access. LSO reduces use of the line to what is strictly necessary, making journalists' work easier by using a WYSIWYG interface as if they were in Madrid.

Recoletos publishes approximately 200 pages daily through the Protec system. Qu?! also will be able to integrate all editorial and advertising content, thanks to Ciclon Plan Manager which allows publications to be created with ads already properly placed, allowing for information to be contextualized. With Plan Manager, the ad department more easily can include new ads in dummies that are already in production, as well as last-minute changes in placement of a given ad. Also, ads are placed automatically in the different editions according to the contract terms, generating different dummies for each of the 12 editions automatically.

In addition, by using Milenium Publishing Web, those in charge of Qu?! can know at all times the status of each of the 12 editions and follow the work through deadline in real time from anywhere. This is enabled by this module's option offering browser access to the database. Qu?! Also bought a projector for their headquarters which allows everyone in the newsroom to follow each edition's status.


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