Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoonist Will Stay at 'Journal News'

By: Joe Strupp Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Matt Davies of The Journal News in White Plains, N.Y., will stay on the job, according to Publisher Mike Fisch.

The paper had previously planned to cut the popular cartoonist, Davies told Facebook readers two weeks ago. But Fisch told E&P Friday talks had been ongoing since then and a deal was struck to keep him on staff.

"I think it was a little premature," Fisch said about previous reports that Davies was leaving. "He will continue to do work for the Journal News, and also through Gannett's Content One."

Content One is Gannett's new multi-platform distribution service.

Fisch would not say if Davies received a pay cut or raise or any other change to his salary to remain, but noted he will continue to do the same amount of work for the Journal News that he always did and will remain based in White Plains.

"He has a blend of compensation," Fisch said. "His syndication income and his opportunity to expand through Content One." Davies is syndicated through Tribune Media Services.

Davies told The Daily Cartoonist: "My paper looked down the cold and terrible barrel of not having an editorial cartoonist on staff and just couldn't do it. The paper's readers owe a big thanks to my editor Henry Freeman who quietly worked to ensure that my position was revived and ultimately kept alive during a particularly bruising round of downsizing in our newsroom."


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