Quipp Puts Packman in Cleveland

By: E&P Staff Satisfied with tests last November in its Brooklyn, Ohio, plant, The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, bought two Packman packaging systems from Miami-based Quipp Systems Inc. The systems will be installed to handle output from the plant's existing GMA SLS-2000 inserter.

The Plain Dealer sought to reliably manage large inserted products at high speeds while maintaining bundle integrity. Bundles require less handling in the multi-function Packman, which contains each bundle throughout the stacking, wrapping, printing, and strapping processes.

For users of its Model 35x, 40x, and 50x newspaper stackers, Quipp announced it is selling Pusher Spacer Kits. All new Model 500 stackers will come with the feature. Once installed, the six permanently mounted pushers will accept the entire range of available spacers. Depending on stacker model and spacer installed, products ranging in width from 10.5 inches to 16.5 inches can be stacked.

Quipp Series 34213X Pusher Spacer Kits include a set of six pusher blades to be permanently mounted on turntable walls. A set of two mount fittings on each blade then permits quick installation of the six sets of spacers correctly sized for the product to be stacked. Spacers are available in width increments of 0.25", from 0.5" to 2".


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