Rall Gets Sampling of Left-Against-Right Threats

By: Dave Astor Ted Rall has received a number of death threats from the right, and he knows of other threats against other left-leaning commentators.

But he's seen few instances of this kind of hate speech by the left against the right. So the Universal Press Syndicate cartoonist/columnist asked, via his blog, if people could send him past examples of left-against-right threats.

People did send him a number of examples, some of which had been posted on liberal blogs. The examples included threats against conservatives such as Universal columnist Ann Coulter, Creators Syndicate columnist Michelle Malkin, and President Bush.

Writing in his blog, Rall said he still thinks "the right does it more" when it comes to hate speech. But he stated: "I am surprised at the amount of vicious, specific threats of violence directed toward conservative personalities by supposed progressives." Rall said the left should fight hard against the policies and tactics of the right, but "threats of violence are where we should not go."


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