Rapper's insults start NABJ convention with a bang p.

By: Mark Fitzgerald A RAP MUSICIAN'S insulting and profane remarks about women ignited a furor at the opening session of the 18th annual National Association of Black Journalists convention in Houston.
Throughout much of the session, entitled "Hip-Hop: The medium, its message and responsibility," a member of the "gangsta rap" group Geto Boys, Bushwick Bill, peppered his remarks with references to women as 'bitches" and "hos."
When an audience member asked the rapper why he used such terms, he replied that the only women he knows are "bitches and hos."
Audience grumbling turned to outrage, however, when Asbery Park (N.J.) Press recruiter Karyn Collins asked him what he called his mother.
According to witnesses, Bushwick Bill replied that he called his mother a woman, adding, "I'm not fucking my mother. If I was fucking you, you'd be a bitch."
More than 200 people, mostly women, stormed out of the session.
Many NABJ members who remained behind shouted their objections at Bushwick Bill, a Houston resident whose given name is Richard Shaw.
Bushwick Bill, who is a dwarf, glared back and affected a pose of defiance by trying to cross his tiny arms across his barrel chest.
Session moderator Darryl Dawsey, a Detroit News columnist, pleaded for calm but angered many with comments that seemed to defend the rapper.
"We have to respect sensibilities, yes, But we have to respect the sensibilities of the brothers who are facing this day after day. If we can't face this shit here, how are we going to face this shit out on the street?" Dawsey said.
The uproar stilled to near-absolute silence, however, when NABJ president Sidmel Estes-Sumpter strode into the room to confront Bushwick Bill
Estes-Sumpter had been summoned by Washington Post columnist Dorothy Gilliam, who is succeeding her as president of the 2,000-member organization.
Estes-Sumpter, a physically imposing woman, locked eyes with the dwarf rapper and demanded an apology.
"My brother," she began, "I am a woman, a lady and president of this organization - and I am nobody's bitch and nobody's ho. You owe these women an apology."
Looking abashed, Bushwick Bill replied, "I apologize for speaking my mind and being myself."
Holding his arms out, he added, "I hope you'll find it big enough in you heart
forgive me. *E&P


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