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By: Editorial Staff COMPETETIVE MEDIA REPORTING (CMR) measures advertising in over 130 newspapers representing each of the Top 50 U.S. markets. All daily and Sunday editions of the newspapers are measured 365 days a year.
While each of the Top 50 markets are represented, more papers are measured in some markets than others.
CMR monitors all local spot TV advertising on over 400 broadcast stations in the Top 75 U.S. markets. Spot TV advertising is monitored from 6 a.m. through 2 a.m. every day of the year. All expenditures presented are estimates only, and as such, should not be interpreted and consistent relative gauge for trending and analysis.
THe market information reported in the ""Factory"" column represnets advertising by the manufacturer. This type of advertising features either single or multiple makes of cars and/or trucks, and does not contain any Dealer Associations, or Local Dealer signature/tag lines.
The"" Delaer Association"" colum of information represents advertising specifically containing Delaer Association signature/tag lines. The ""Local Dealers"" column presents or more dealerships. Newspaper Expenditures-Factory and Dealer Association estimates are based on published open national rates of each newspapers.
Local Dealer estimates are based on contract rates relative to the historical advertising volume levels. The calculation of estimated expenditures takes into consideration, and applies applicable rates, for daily, Sunday, and all advertising sections. However, the rating process does not factor in repeat rates, individual advertiser contracts, or any revenue-based special rates.
Spot TV expenditure estimates are based on the collection and processing of confidential cost information provided by agencies and stations. This informaiton is averaged for several months utilizing spot length, day part, program, and number of spots calculating average cost per point for each station monitored.
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