Rich Little Previews Tomorrow's WHCA Dinner Routine: Not Even Stephen

By: E&P Staff No one expects another Stephen Colbert performance (to put it mildly) at Saturday night's White House Correspondents Association dinner in Washington, D.C., but what will this year's comedian/entertainer, Rich Little, come up with?

Some people will find out Friday night, as Little will be trying out his material at a Canadian Embassy event. Little, 68, may have gone Vegas long ago but he is a native of Canada. He calls himself a "conservative."

In an interview with the Canadian Press this week, Little, a popular impressionaist many years ago, revealed that he will do six presidents, from Nixon on. He said his Bush impression is not his best.

"I'm not that political. I'll just do my act," said Little. He said he will likely do Johnny Carson, Andy Rooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Senator John McCain.

Asked if he'll toss any barbs at Bush, Little said, "I wouldn't want to offend him."

Iraq war? "Oh heaven's, no. That's not very funny."

The firing of eight U.S. attorneys? "I wouldn't get into anything like that, no."

Little added: "I don't like Bill Maher much. I think he's too sarcastic and too pompous."


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