Sean Penn on HBO: Bush and Cronies Should Be Jailed for Iraq Lies

By: E&P Staff Sean Penn, fresh from his "metaphor off" with faux pundit Stephen Colbert, appeared on another news/comedy program Friday night, "Real Time" with Bill Maher on HBO.

There he railed against the Iraq war, climaxing with a charge l that George Tenet, Vice President Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and President Bush himself "should be in f---ing jail" for their alleged lies to the public that led to thousands of American losing their lives in that war.

About a half hour later he realized he had left someone off that list, saying he "forgot about Rumsfeld."

Another panelist, Gary Shandling, poked a bit of fun at Penn, joking several times about the actor's supposed vacation house "in Iran."

Guest Tommy Thompson stated -- to Maher's disbelief -- that his flub during this week's GOP presidential candidates debate, in which he said that employers should be able to fire gay employees if they find them offensive, happened because his hearing aid had slipped out.


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