'Secret Asian Man' Returning to Weekly Format

By: E&P Staff Following two years of daily syndication by United Features, Tak Toyoshima's comic strip "Secret Asian Man" is returning to a weekly format.

Sept. 19 will see publication of the strip?s last daily strip, after which it will run each week. ?The characters and continuity will remain, but I will produce one larger strip a week (like a Sunday comic format) and will keep running in publications and web sites that choose to continue running it,? Toyoshima wrote on his Web site. ?The very last daily strip will reveal a major development in SAM's life so stay tuned, see what happens and onward and upward for SAM!?

Toyoshima chose to take the high road in parting ways with his syndicate. ?It was disappointing that United Features decided to pull the plug but at the same invigorating to think of the freedom,? he wrote. ?I'm not going to bad mouth United Features at all but it will be liberating to be able to act on SAM related projects without having to clear them ... and there are a couple I'm already working on.?


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