Senate Democratic Caucus Criticizes Broder for Column Comparing Sen. Harry Reid to AG Alberto Gonzales

By: Dave Astor All 50 Democratic U.S. Senators wrote a joint letter, published in today's Washington Post, criticizing Post columnist David Broder for slamming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

In Broder's Thursday piece -- the subject of a Thursday E&P story on this site -- the syndicated pundit criticized Reid for saying the Iraq War is lost militarily and compared Reid to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

"(I)n this age of scripted politicians speaking only to their base or claiming that they 'don't recall' anything, the fact that Mr. Reid speaks his mind should be applauded, not derided," the Senate Democratic Caucus wrote in its letter. "His brand of straight talk is honest, comes from the heart and speaks directly to the people."

The Caucus also said that, despite "Mr. Broder's insinuations, we believe Mr. Reid is an extraordinary leader who has effectively guided the new Democratic majority through these first few months with skill and aplomb. The Democratic caucus is diverse, and Mr. Reid has worked tirelessly to make sure that the views of each member are heard and represented. No one ideology dominates the caucus, so that a consensus can be reached and unity achieved. It is hard to imagine a better model for leadership."

The complete letter can be seen here.

Scores of Post readers also blasted Broder in comments appearing under his Reid-Gonzales column on

Broder, who's syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group, could not be reached for comment this morning by E&P. His voice-mail message says he's "out of town on an assignment" and will be back in the office this Monday.


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