Share Your Tales of Bad Grammar or Copy Editing at The E&P Pub -- On 'National Punctuation Day'

By: E&P Staff Many copy editors may not have marked it on their calendars, but today is National Punctuation Day.

This holiest of days for all copywriters and English teachers was created on Sept. 24, 2004, after Jeff Rubin, a 59-year old former copy editor from Pinole, Calif., successfully bid for the day to be listed as a holiday in Chase?s Calendar of Events.

It?s a perfect time to break out those red pens and show the troops how much you care about good grammar. Take time to point out how commas can be your friend, how semicolons aren't the enemy and how little the exclamation point should actually be used in news copy.

And if there?s one thing that copy editors love, it?s bad-grammar horror stories. We encourage you to go here right now and share yours.


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