'Sopranos' Boss Gives Exclusive Interview to Jersey Paper

By: E&P Staff Newark's Star-Ledger has always had a special place for, and in, "The Sopranos." The paper has always had great access, it was thanked in the credits at the end of each episode, and who can forget the numerous times Tony walked down his driveway to pick up the morning edition.

Now creator David Chase has given his only post-finale interview to the paper, published in Tuesday's paper.

The Star-Ledger's Alan Sepinwall spilled the beans about that Monday night in a brief entry at the paper's site, promising the full report soon. He teased:

"What do you do when your TV world ends? You go to dinner, then keep quiet. Sunday night, 'Sopranos' creator David Chase took his wife out for dinner in France, where he's fled to avoid 'all the Monday morning quarterbacking' about the show's finale. After this exclusive interview with the Star-Ledger, agreed to well before the season began, he intends to go into radio silence, letting the work -- especially the controversial final scene -- speak for itself.'"

Sure enough, Sepinwall delivered the goods (at www.nj.com) today.

Chase says of the final mysterious scene: "No one was trying to be audacious, honest to God. We did what we thought we had to do. No one was trying to blow people's minds, or thinking, Wow, this'll (tick) them off. People get the impression that you're trying to (mess) with them and it's not true. You're trying to entertain them ...

"I have no interest in explaining, defending, reinterpreting, or adding to what is there ...

"Anybody who wants to watch it, it's all there."

But does that mean that a Sopranos moving is coming?

"I don't think about (a movie) much," he says. "I never say never. An idea could pop into my head where I would go, 'Wow, that would make a great movie,' but I doubt it.

"I'm not being coy," he adds. "If something appeared that really made a good 'Sopranos' movie and you could invest in it and everybody else wanted to do it, I would do it. But I think we've kind of said it and done it."

Sepinwall wonders about Chase's choice of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" as the song on the jukebox at the very end.

Chase explains: "It didn't take much time at all to pick it, but there was a lot of conversation after the fact. I did something I'd never done before: In the location van, with the crew, I was saying, 'What do you think?' When I said, 'Don't Stop Believin',' people went, 'What? Oh my God!'

"I said, 'I know, I know, just give a listen,' and little by little, people started coming around."


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