Stop the Press! Cape Cod Paper Fails to Publish Due to Storm

By: (AP) The weekend blizzard that raked New England with blinding snow and blustering wind has kept the Cape Cod Times from publishing for the first time in memory.

The newspaper, which put out a paper during the famous Blizzard of '78, decided to only publish an online edition Monday, because of the raging storm that lashed the Cape with snow and vicious winds through Sunday afternoon.

The Cape was among the hardest hit areas of the state, with two to three feet of snow falling in many areas and high winds forming even deeper drifts.

"It's horrible here. The conditions are unbelievable. Some of our toughest people in four-wheel drive vehicles were trying to navigate the roads, and the drifts were so high you couldn't see," said editor Cliff Schechtman.

Schechtman said no one at the paper recalled having to ever cancel an edition before on account of the weather.

"And we're not happy about it," he said.


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