Study Finds Newspaper Stock Tables a Thing of the Past

By: E&P Staff Full-on stock listings in newspapers are relics of the past, according to a new study released by the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism at Arizona State University.

While two-thirds of the nation's 1,4000 dailies still print stock tables, virtually none offers a complete listing. Instead, many newspapers are directing their readers to view stock information online.

Furthermore the study found that when newspapers trim stock agate, they do not use the extra space for additional financial coverage. About 75% of business editors contacted for the study said they cut back on stock coverage but did not use the space for business-related stories.

The larger papers - those with a circulation of 100,000 or more-do print some stock information. However, the metros' smaller peers - about one-third of small circ papers -- do not print any stock information.

The survey studied 122 daily newspapers and polled 27 business editors mostly at larger papers.

Other findings:

About three-quarters of U.S. newspapers offer a page or less of business news, including the stock tables. Among big papers, two-thirds offer business sections of six or fewer pages, which often include at least one full-page ad.

Seven out of eight business editors acknowledged fielding complaints from readers about stock cuts

The average amount of space devoted by all papers to stock tables is slightly more than one-third of a page. Among the large papers, the average amount of space devoted to stock listings is a page and a half.

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