Study: Web Surfers Still Reading Print

By: Jennifer Saba Turns out newspaper Web site users aren't above getting their fingers inky. A new study from the Newspaper National Network (NNN) conducted by Scarborough Research found that a whopping 81% of all newspaper Web users have also read the print edition within the last seven days. "We were surprised how high the crossover is," says NNN President and CEO Jason Klein. "When you go through the research, people are involved with both." The survey revealed that readers who now use the Web are maintaining, or in some cases, increasing, the combined time spent with the two editions. Fifty-two percent of these "crossovers" said they spend the same amount of time with the two products; 35% said they spent more time. Crossover readers prefer the print edition in the morning ? 63% read it before 10 a.m. Surfing is for later: 46% access an online paper in the afternoon or evening. "It's a whole new deeply involved segment," says Klein.


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