Survey: Print Format Newspapers Still Number One in UK

By: Press Release | Elephant Communications

More than two thirds of national newspaper readers say they prefer to read newspapers in print format rather than on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, according to new research for elephant communications.

The findings are from the latest edition of elephant’s British News Index, which explores consumer media habits and interest in current affairs. At a time when many see media habits as a black and white move from traditional to new media, the new data suggests old and new media are far more inter-connected, with specific segments using different combinations of media and platforms.

Looking at national newspapers in isolation, there was a fondness for the paper format but many people followed a national paper in a number of ways during the typical week. Overall, 17% of people that preferred a paper edition of newspaper said they would also read it online. In contrast, 38% of those that liked following a newspaper on their tablet would also read a paper edition – and 31% would also read it from a computer.

The elephant research also looked at the current affairs information people were interested in following via social media platforms and which apps were popular as a source for news and current affairs information.

The study of 2,044 adults also suggests that there was a strong correlation between media preferences and age with over 84% of 18-24 year olds using social media – many to give their own opinions about major events and to see how others react to them. Images and video content were of particular appeal.

Elephant will be running a free insight event on the full findings of the new research on 1st October 2013. For more information contact:


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