Swine Flu Doesn't Get Food Critic's Goat

By: Mark Fitzgerald "If you are wondering why I am so quiet lately, it's because I have been quarantined with N1H1," Houston Press food critic Robb Walsh twittered followers in mid-October. But the ailment, popularly known as swine flu, didn't keep the alternative weekly writer off the job.

Walsh continued reviewing food ? takeout, of course. On his blog, he noted how one day a friend dropped off a sampler of items from the Houston Mexican barbecue restaurant Casa Grande. "I offered to give him cash or a check for the total, but he refused to touch anything I had handled," Walsh wrote. "You'd think I had leprosy or something."

The flu didn't dull his appetite ? or his critical edge. The Casa Grande cheese enchiladas, he declared, were "nothing special," but he feasted for much of the quarantine on the cabrito, barbecued goat. And the first item on his "I'm free" itinerary? Doughnuts.


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