The LGBTQ+ Reader is Big Business for Aequalitas Media


Aequalitas is Latin for “equality.” But there is very little equal to today’s struggling media outlets at the growing Aequalitas Media Group, who now owns eight publications targeted to the LGBTQ+ Reader in several U.S. major markets. Plus, their sought after ad network has become popular with some very large brands that want to connect to their claim being a “single point of contact to almost 100% of all LGBTQ+ print/digital media now representing 2.2-Million+ readers they deliver each month.” 

Aqualitas founder and executive director DJ Doran spent 23 years as a U.S. Air Force Reserve Pilot before working as a CEO for multiple corporations across varied industries. Today, he is a publisher who still believes in print and says he can turn around a niche publication from red to black in 45 days.  

In this segment of E&P Reports, E&P publisher Mike Blinder goes one-on-one with Doran to not just learn more about the LGBTQ+ reader and why it is in demand by Madison Avenue but what secrets work for him in pushing profitability from these niche publications. 

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