The Right News p.14

By: Editorial Staff AS A COUNTERWEIGHT to Orange County's nationally headlined bankruptcy, its leading newspaper decided to show readers the other side of the picture.
The Orange County Register did it with a recent 28-page advertising supplement called, "What's RIGHT with Orange County" that won the ad support of dozens of corporate, educational and other local organizations.
A Register spokesman said ad response hit 111% of anticipated supplement revenues.
The Register donated a portion of the money to Vital Link, a job-training program that is sponsored by local businesses.
Political ads were not permitted in the insert.
"The only ads that could be sold were those that fit in with the 'What's right' theme," the spokesman said.
There also was an essay contest for readers to tell what they liked about Orange County. Other editorial matter stressed the idea that, although the bankruptcy was a severe blow, the county's economic base is still strong and that its educational, cultural, recreational and civic institutions are first rate. The county's tourism attractions also were pointed up.


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