This 'Weekend,' a 'Parade' of Dictators and Dating

By: Jennifer Saba This weekend, Parade and USA Weekend pull out the editorial chestnut of ?the list? for their cover subjects. But the two supplements' similarity for this week ends there.

Parade reaches for gravitas with its annual feature, ?Who is the World?s Worst Dictator? A new ranking of the contemptible.? Spoiler alert: If you don?t want to know who the number one tyrant is, stop reading now.

Meanwhile, USA Weekend sends a Valentine to America?s 86 million single adults with its cover story on ?8 simple rules for dating.?

In Parade's listing, the number one, most contemptible dictator is: Sudan?s Omar al-Bashir, 61, in power since 1989. Last year?s rank: 7.

U.S. allies in the top 10: Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan.

It?s unclear how Parade determines that one despot is more evil than the next. No matter. The piece does explain ?the competition? this year was ?so heated that two dictators who made last year?s list were nudged off.? Fidel Castro (Cuba) and King Mswati III (Swaziland) have been booted to ?dishonorable mention? status.

In USA Weekend, relationship expert Dennie Hughes? number one rule, of her eight simple ones for dating? ?Take a reality check. The common denominator in all those dates-gone-wrong is... you.?

She doesn?t leave the reader stranded, however; she cheerfully advises sad sacks everywhere to ?ask trusted friends and relatives to be completely honest and give you a rundown of the kinds of unsavory moves they see you making over and over.?

Bonus in USA Weekend: Is it true that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have really called it quits? Turn to ?Who?s News? for the answer.


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