Three Supplements Offered for Constitution Day

By: E&P Staff Hollister Kids is syndicating three supplements for Constitution Day, Sept. 17.

One -- titled "The Constitution in the News" -- teaches students in grades 4-12 how the Constitution affects their lives by looking at various issues and court cases of the last few years. Covered are free speech in schools, music downloading, student privacy on grades, drug testing for student activities, and the recent Supreme Court ruling on school integration.

Another supplement -- titled "The First Amendment -- teaches young elementary school students about how First Amendment rights affect them and their families. The illustrated package includes an interactive game.

The third supplement -- "The Constitution: Blueprint for a Nation" -- offers lessons on the three branches of government and the Bill of Rights. Like the first supplement, it's aimed at students in grades 4-12.

The first two supplements are new, while the third won a pair of awards after it was first introduced.


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