THURSDAY'S LINKS: 'Crowdsourcing,' NYT Building for Sale Again, 'Zionist' Zell and the Chicago Tribune

By: E&P Staff In today's links, speculation about the future relationship of "committed Zionist" Sam Zell with the Chicago Tribune, the developer that bought the New York Times Building puts it back up for sale at a hefty premium, and Wall Street looks for signs of life in Gannett.


-- Slate: Why aren't journalists and others rebuking David Sedaris?

-- New York Times: The developer that bought the New York Times Building puts it up for sale, hoping to triple its money.

-- Barrons: Wall Street is starting to wonder what steps Gannett, the industry leader, might take to cheer its long-suffering shareholders.

-- Reuters: Rattner says New York Times Co. won't change its structure.

-- Village Voice: How Rudy Giuliani's campaign helped the New York Post snatch the news from the New York Daily News.

-- Forward: The irony of Samuel Zell's latest success is that it will likely make him the owner of a company that has been the very antithesis of the Jewish summer camp culture in which Zell was molded.

-- PC World: "Crowdsourcing" will not pave the way for better investigative reporting, writes Lance Ulanoff.

-- The Phoenix: Boston Globe Pulitzer winner Carolyn Ryan stops reporting and starts editing.

-- Bible Belt Blogger: The New York Times and Washington Post take cheap shots at dead Christian artist Johnny Hart.


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