THURSDAY'S LINKS: Funny Cide, 'Politico,' David Carr

By: E&P Staff In today's links, liberals charge the new Washington magazine/site The Politico with being a tool of the right, New York Times columnist David Carr talks about the challenges facing newspapers, and Paul McLeary looks at recent moves in Iraq to keep journalists away from bombing sites.


-- Boston Phoenix: The Politico is the Left's newest "nonpartisan" media bogeyman.

-- Broward-Palm Beach New Times: The Florida District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Miami Herald in a defamation case filed by the owners of Kentucky Derby-winning racehorse Funny Cide.

-- Minnesota Monitor: "I don?t think that staffing appropriately to come up with compelling content is a luxury," says New York Times columnist David Carr in an interview. "I think it?s a necessity. I don?t think you can cut your way to excellence or cut your way to viability."

-- Washington City Paper: National Journal reporter Murray Waas has fashioned a reputation among his peers: He's a tough act to follow

-- CJR Daily: There are few actions more undemocratic, and harmful to the concept of a democracy, than banning journalists from being able to do their job in the public sphere, not to mention that chasing journos away with gunfire, while undoubtedly effective, is hardly the best way to handle the situation, writes Paul McLeary of recent moves to keep the press away from the scene of a bombing in Iraq.

-- Charlotte Magazine: A year after The McClatchy Co. bought The Charlotte Observer, the paper?s future is still unclear. But staffers better get used to previously dirty words like "collaboration."


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