'Time' Magazine Examines 'Second Life 'Community Problems

By: E&P Staff A report in the next issue of TIME magazine, to be published Friday, chronicles the growing problems with the much-publicized "Second Life" virtual community, including a "child-porn" link.

Kristina Dell notes that Second Life has 8.7 million registered members but only about ?600,000? active users. Reuters and other news outlets launched a presence there.

She adds: ?As companies explore why their expensive virtual outposts remain largely empty, Second Life has other, potentially more serious, issues. Governments are scrutinizing the four-year-old site as a possible haven for tax-free commerce, child-porn distribution and other unsavory activity. The dilemma for Linden Lab, the company running Second Life, is how to rein in its creation without alienating hard-core users.?


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