TODAY'S LETTERS: O.J. Speaks, Wounded Soldiers, 'Sopranos' Finale

By: E&P Staff While researching an upcoming profile about Associated Press reporter Linda Deutsch, E&P writer Joe Strupp landed an interview with O.J. Simpson. Readers had plenty to say on the issue.

Other readers weighed in on a Shoptalk column about wounded soldiers as well as 'The Sopranos' finale.

Tackling O.J.

Thanks for that O.J. Simpson story. Although I'd vowed never to read another story involving O.J.--unless it was a report of them finally catching the real killer --your article had me riveted. I read to my wife the part about Rona Barrett and Edward R. Murrow, and asked her to guess who'd made so astute a comment. She thought for a moment, then guessed Jon Stewart. "You're close," I lied. When I told her it was O.J., she screamed.

Anyway, it was a very cool piece. I'm a writer/playwright out in Los Angeles, very much on the margins, who actually met Simpson once, pre-murder. Where'd I meet him? Where else? On a golf course (in the clubhouse, actually).

David Macaray

I find it disgraceful that you would subject to your readers to stories regarding Simpson and Paris Hilton in 'Editor & Publisher'. It is bad enough that this trash is all over television and the rest of the Web -- do you really think this is newsworthy? Why do you identify with and glorify a murderer like Simpson?

It is unfortunate that your "community" (journalists of course) do not seem to have higher standards. Thanks for bringing 'Editor & Publisher' down to new moral and journalistic lows. How you ever got to be an editor of anything is beyond me!

Blaine M. Etter
New York, N.Y.

Thank you for your column about Mr. Simpson, and especially for the
upcoming profile of Linda Deutsch.

Simpson is of course correct on all counts. And it was during his
trial that I fully perceived for the first time the sorry state of
our media, which had devolved precipitously since the fairness
doctrine was dropped. I knew it was not good, but was appalled to
find out how bad it really was.

I was home ill throughout the trial. The coverage was so rife with
inaccuracies and exclusiion of exculpatory information that the
public's perception of the verdict has to be based mostly in
ignorance. Most people were at work or otherwise busy and drew
their impressions from media coverage.

Further, the jurors were maligned mercilessly by the media, when in
actuality their knowledge of the evidence was grasped fully and in
intricate detail. They were humiliated in interviews and when they
began to say anything relevant or against the common perception
were cut off.

My opinion is that there was a mountain of reasonable doubt. As
the civil trial was not televised I cannot know the full story of
the shoes, and frankly have not had the time to delve that deep.
That I believe is the media's job.

I am NOT a socialist or communist, but rather a libertarian who believes that journals such as E&P should be vigorously calling for radical improvement, and a limiting of the exposure of the "commentariat." Physician, heal thyself.


Wounded Soldiers Need Attention

I was pleased to read this report on a severely wounded soldier and the toll it also takes on the family. As an RN for 30 years, I have been advocating for better Veterans benefits for at least 2 decades. Recently I had a patient who added to the perspective.

The individual, in his mid 40s with a spouse and three grade school age
children, suffered an explosive injury on the job. He lost one eye and had many other injuries. Knowing the U.S. health care system as I do, the patient will receive a lot of care that will continue indefinitely.
There are many gaps in U.S. health care for those who don't have
insurance or are under insured. Those that have good health insurance
still face delays and other problems. This person will probably do
fairly well given the worker's comp laws that cover us in this kind
of tragedy.

What is unbelievable and unacceptable is that those who risk life,
limbs and sanity to serve our country, end up with lapses in care and
support that should be seamless.

It is wonderful to see a media report that my personal experience
tells me is very accurate and well balanced. My thanks to Dennis
Anderson for this piece and efforts to keep getting these stories to
Americans. I think that in addition to more careful consideration
before we go to war again, we put a fraction of the expense of war
into better and stronger diplomacy.

Virginia Cotts
Wheat Ridge, CO

'The Sopranos' Finale
The entire Sopranos season was a bust. It was flat, boring, and not realistic. Chase spend too much time with the idiot son, the psychologist(s), and a few minor characters. The last episode was no different. Unfortunately, many watchers wanted something in the order of the Godfather. Apparently, salaries got out of whack and the creator had to improvise and feature these other boring characters as fillers.

If Chase had intended to resurrect this series, as he said he would not, the television viewers may no longer await, each Sunday, a good hour of drama. Goodbye David Chase and the mobsters in New Jersey.

Kathy Milano


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