TODAY'S LETTERS: Opinions Abound About Rupert Murdoch and Iraq

By: E&P Staff Readers still have lots of opinions about the pending deal between Rupert Murdoch and Dow Jones. They also chimed in about Iraq and a New York Times editorial.

Rupert Murdoch: Home Wrecker?

If the issue of editorial independence is just a fig leaf, why all this protracted wheeling-and-dealing that has been going on?

Rupert Murdoch was quoted as saying, in a recent cover story in Newsweek, that if he was paying that much ($5 billion) for Dow Jones, why would he allow the ex-owners to dictate what he should be doing for the Wall Street Journal? Indeed, why?

Since no other serious bidder appeared on the scene, I feel inclined to believe that this is a done deal. It's all a matter of formalities, which means we can expect an announcement sometime next week.

This latest acquisition by Murdoch should blend in with his plan to launch his cable TV business channel late this year. I really don't expect much of any change in the editorial content of the Journal, considering that its opinion pages have already been on the conservative side for sometime.

Of one thing I am sure: Paul Krugman, a columnist for the New York Times, will never see his byline in those Journal pages. His column this week against Murdoch reminds me of a manic man out of control. I am also sure he would have been cheering if his boss, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., were in Murdoch's shoes.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Who Will Be Last Soldier to Die for Iraq Mistake?
There is a third option you failed to mention in your article concerning Iraq, fight to win like the old days.

Your enemy is Islam. You can fight it now or you can fight it later. The choice is yours.

The funny thing about wars is that they never seem to turn out the way everyone expects.

James Warren
A Vietnam Vet

Paper Near Military Bases Calls for Iraq Pullout
You are mistaken. We were fighting WWII for four years. We occupied Japan and Germany for much longer. We fought to the occupation stage in Iraq in a very few days. We are occupiers at present. It is an important distinction.

As occupiers/policemen, our military is poorly suited to the job. There are no large police forces composed almost entirely of 19 and 20 somethings who are trained to do something else.

Leonard G. Johnson
Santa Ana, Calif.

'N.Y. Times' Editorial: Leave Iraq Now
Surprise. Could we expect anything less from the despicable NY Slime? Typical.

Stan Janiak


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