TODAY'S LETTERS: Readers Laud Mitchell's Piece, Ruminate Over Dow Jones Deal

By: E&P Staff Readers have been quite pleased with Editor-in-Chief Greg Mitchell's column about the media's approach to reporting about violence in Iraq. Also, it's hard for a day to go by without someone writing in about the pending Dow Jones deal with Rupert Murdoch.

Shoot First -- Ask Questions (Much) Later?
Thank you for writing on this theme. During the Vietnam War I was young but very aware of media coverage. Especially at the beginning there was a great deal of press resistance to reporting American brutality.

But I think the situation is far worse now. Four years into the war our media still promotes and the public seems to worship the military. Unlike during Vietnam there is no vigorous popular movement to support disclosure of abuses.

I agree that it was surprising how little attention was given to that survey of soldiers' attitudes and its implications for our Iraq policy (particulary coupled with surveys that show a steady annual increase in the proportion of Iraqis who think it's acceptable to attack Americans).

This is deeply troubling. It makes columns such as yours all the more important. So thank you. I'd be curious to know what feedback, if any, you get from members of the media.

Bruce Dodds

Many thanks for the article. I am glad you are and have been speaking the truth on this matter. The problem is, no one who can make a decision is listening.

Tony Litwinko
Glendale, Calif.

It is a relief to see someone finally addressing this very painful topic of what happens when our soldiers are put in "atrocity producing situations".

Thank you.

Chris Kapilla
Issaqua, Wash.

Dow Jones Board Backs Murdoch Bid, Now Up to Bancrofts
The American Newspaper Industry in effect, has always proudly said, "Our Integrity Cannot Be Bought". It is indeed a sad day when the "Flagship of the American News Fleet" bows her head and says in a broken whisper, I do not yield but I am undone by the greed of others. The Queen is being assassinated by the greed of those who invested their money in her for a safe, stable investment.

The long respected reign by the Queen of Journalism is nearing an end, Rupert Murdoch; has dared to place his hands on Her. What indignity will she next suffer, ads on the front page for Fox news, a weekly Fox TV Channel schedule on page two, special sections to trumpet his Chinese business interests, an Editorial Page filled with vitriolic columns aimed at everything he dislikes. Resounding political endorsement for his select candidates, deterioration of the overall quality of the paper itself bringing it to more resemble the tabloids we see at supermarket checkouts?

Having watched the Chicago Sun-Times languish under his ownership several years ago, I saw it quickly become the merest shadow of the vibrant publication it had been. I have no doubt the same fate is in store for the Queen of American Journalism.

Now, the only forlorn hope is the Bancroft Family, hopefully they retain
the courage, dignity, fortitude and strength to resist the blandishments of the offered get rich quick scheme. We can hope they understand if it is too good to be true, it is false.

All his promises, blandishments, and agreements not withstanding; he has broken editorial agreements before, and like the leopard who never changes his spots, will break them again. With this in mind, we make our plea, "Please do not sell us for 30 pieces of silver".

Cecil S. Foster


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