TODAY'S LETTERS: Readers Respond to Joe Galloway In Iraq and Bill O'Reilly At Newspaper Conference

By: E&P Staff Readers had plenty to say this week about a piece about veteran reporter Joe Galloway recalling his tour in Iraq with soldiers now accused of failing to investigate and report the Haditha massacre, as well as Bill O'Reilly's appearance at a newspaper columnists' conference.

Galloway Recalls Tour in Iraq With 'Haditha' Unit

What troubles me most is that McGirk will not testify at any of the hearings and nobody is asking why.

Especially since his Time story has mostly been rebuked. As a member of the media, perhaps you could ask that question and investigate it further.

Donn Byrne

Your article concludes: "As the Article 32 hearings on the alleged Haditha massacre wrap up for three members of Kilo Company, and as news surfaces from those hearings of the military?s stonewalling of reporters who originally investigated Haditha, Galloway?s insistence on stronger investigative reporting rings true."

The real news out of the Article 32s is that no one has yet proven that the media's favorite massacre actually occured.

That bit of information makes the actions of the Marine officers explicable. Tim McGirk was against the war in Iraq. He was not an objective seeker of truth any more than you are.

You are withholding the real story from your readers -- who will be shocked when the Marines are exonerated.

Obviously, the media has its massacre and you're sticking to it -- regardless of the facts.

David Allender
Bedford Hills, N.Y.

One need look no further than your own writings and your own publication to know how the anti-war agenda infects reporters. Need further proof? How about the recent revelations of reporters and news associates overwhelmingly giving money to the Democrats, and even in many cases left-wing anti-war groups.

I don't blame the military for assuming they'll not get a balanced, un-biased airing from reporters. No one else in America believes it either.

M. Redden
Wilmington, N.C.

Bill O'Reilly Rips Newspapers at Columnists' Confab

Thank you for your 'no spin' article on Bill O'Reilly. I was not at the conference, but am an avid O'Reilly fan. The Q&A must have been hilarious!

I do not purchase any newspaper because the left wing bias doesn't stop at the editorial page. For those who hate Bush: it's a free country. Just please. . .don't let that hatred cloud the reality of the Global War on Terror. Australia gets it. Iran & Syria get it.

Michael Spalding
Rochester Hills, Mich.

I'm wondering how much the columnists at the ConFab paid to have O'Reilly show up and call them a bunch of idiots? If I feel like hearing that kind of stuff here at the Reporter, all I have to do is answer my own telephone.

Mike Hudson
Niagara Falls N.Y.

On Mitchell's Pressing Issues Column

Once more, you have shown courage and integrity by writing "A rare look at a civilian casualty in Iraq". Americans and Iraqis alike benefit from learning your exposure of the painful the truths.

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.


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